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October 8, 2017

Dear Water/Wastewater Utility Manager,

On behalf of your utility, please consider this invitation to join the CT Water & Wastewater Agency Response Network (CtWARN).

As utility managers, our job responsibility requires us to provide high quality and reliable public water and wastewater services which are vital to our communities within the state. The mission of the CtWARN is to support and promote statewide emergency preparedness, disaster response, and mutual assistance matters for public and private water and wastewater utilities. The tools used to sustain the CtWARN are two-fold:

Mutual Aid and Assistance Agreement - This provides the structure for each member utility to address administrative issues prior to the occurrence of an incident requiring mutual assistance.

Computer Internet Web Site - This provides the resource information database that the member utility will be able to use to match its emergency need for equipment or experienced personnel with the resources available from responding members.

Please review the attached Agreement and "visit" the CtWARN website to obtain a better understanding of how your utility can participate in and benefit from this free and voluntary network, which helps us serve our communities. If you have any questions, please call Tom Barger, 90 Sargent DriveNew Haven, CT 06511,  Phone:(203) 401-2710

The procedure to join CtWARN is outlined below:

1. Obtain approval for your utility to join CtWARN and have the designated individual sign the agreement on its behalf (see "Article XXII - Agreement Signature & Authorized Officials").

2. Complete the information needed as a participating Member of CtWARN in "Article XXII" and return the completed and signed "Article XXII" page to Pam Monahan via fax at 203-757-1855 or via mail to Tom Barger, CTAWWA, 90 Sargent Dr.  New haven, CT 06511.

3. Once a completed and signed "Article XXII" page has been received by Tom Barger, the "Authorized Officials" will receive a password by email and/or fax within two weeks for access to the Member section of the CtWARN


The CtWARN Steering Committee

Mutual Aid and Assistance Agreement

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